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Undeniable charisma for this handsome man with an insightful and frank look, with a neat beard, in muted shades of green, muted gray, ocher - remarkable and fine treatment of the face, skin tone -


monogrammed portrait h C 1885 -

unusual format, almost square -

no restoration, well stretched canvas on key frame -


Initially this portrait was presented under glass in a large gold stucco frame with a protective glass, which marks the importance of the subject -.

Sold as is - see photos for viewing.

Oil signed 1885, 70.5 x 60.5


    Livraison par Colissimo en France

    45 €

    Livraison par le vendeur en Vienne, France

    40 €

    Livraison moins de 200 km

    50 €

    LivraisonUnion Européenne (+Suisse)

    58 €

    Colissimo avec suivi monde

    100 €

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