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Even more want to quote Henry Michaux to analyze this Russian oil by Koshel Nikolai Yanovich:


"if we have already seen a living here, a real one? It is rare, it must first be softened by suffering, by a distance from everything on earth, from all food, from all pleasure , from any refuge. "


Our western societies stuffed with opulence, fashion, appearance, appearance have understood absolutely nothing -


Radicality of the line, mole mass, sienna, no repentance (observe the treatment of the ear) Koshel Nikolai Yanovich (1925-)


Born in Odessa. Studies at the Art Institute of Odessa. He was a student of D. Krainev. Excellent master of genre paintings - His works are exhibited at the Museum of Ukraine, and in Western galleries. Active in Chernigov.


Oil on cardboard. Signature on the back.


Size: 46x37 cm Sold as is, see photos for viewing.

Portrait signed Koshel Nikolai Yanovich

  • Colissimo France avec suivi 

    35 €

    Union Européenne (+Suisse)

    45 €

    Colissimo avec suivi monde

    58 €

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