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Subtle portrait in oil all in nuance, carried out by Lievin de Winne (1821 Ghent - 1880 Brussels) - He was a famous Belgian portrait painter of the court as well as of the Belgian high society, (in particular a full-length portrait of king Léopold) - Losing his father at the age of 14 he was brought up by the painter Félix De Vigne, who introduced him to painting - Many trips to Italy, he also lived in Paris before settling in Brussels - Present in the Museums royal of Belgium - We imagine that with this canvas he allowed himself an escape by a blurred treatment, the shades of the face of the beard very soft - Like a poetic digression, the ironic eye see amazed at the model, luscious lips everything is soft and devilishly embodied in this canvas - This one had to be a close one to get out of the academy of official orders - Canvas of great maturity executed seven years before his death - Good condition of the canvas, just the light mark from an anc ien framing - Sold as is, see photos to view.

Signed portrait - Lievin de Winne (1821 Ghent - 1880 Brussels)

  • Livraison France  UPS 145 €

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