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A Navy by Léon Maxime Faivre (French, 1856 - 1914)

A purple to pink sunset over a tender green sea that shivers, a huge red buoy with relevant contrast - A harbor in the distance, a day of work that ends - A sky all pink extinguished with hints of blue - Softness and serenity of this beautiful set -


Léon-Maxime FAIVRE (1856-1914), pupil of Boulanger and Gérôme at the Beaux-Arts. Faithful to the typically firefighter themes in the paintings he sends to the Salon every year since 1877, he often manages to raise his tone and dominate realism to join the ill-defined group of spiritualist painters (Extract from Gérald Schurr).



Sold as is - see photos for viewing.

  • Dimensions H47 x W38 x D1

Lakeside scene - Léon Maxime Faivre (1856 - 1914)


    Livraison par Colissimo en France

    45 €

    Livraison par le vendeur à Loudun


    Livraison par le vendeur en Vienne, France

    40 €

    Livraison moins de 200 km

    40 €

    Union Européenne (+Suisse)

    45 €

    Colissimo avec suivi monde

    100 €

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