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Imposing oil portrait, full length signed Léon Devos (130 x 80 cm) presented in a 1930 frame -


Renowned Belgian painter, post impressionist (1897 - 1974) excelling in the nude portraits and intimate scenes -

Founder of the Nervia group -

Enlisted as a war volunteer at .17 years old ... or elsewhere he found his vocation as a painter -


Student at the academies of Mons, Brussels then professor and director of the Academy of Brussels - In 1960, his palette became more flexible and his color more vigorous. Author with J. Maes, of a titanic commission: the historical picture The taking of the oath of king Léopold III for the Palais des Nations.

Many prizes and distinctions: Prix du Hainaut (1932) and Prix du Carnegie Garden Club (1950). Member of the Royal Academy of Belgium (1957). Retrospective in Namur in 1967. - Works at the Museums of Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, La Louvière, Liège and Tournai among others.


What is striking in this atypical journey is the determination, an incredible generosity in these paintings - A perfect colorist in the use of muted, soft and warm shades -

This painting comes from afar, it made me meet beautiful unusual and generous people - The back of a canvas, as its history fascinates me -


Good condition of the set - Sold as is, see photos to view carefully -

Portrait Léon de Vos 130 x 80 -


    Dimensions : H130 x L80 x P4

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      Livraison par le vendeur à Loudun


      Livraison Thouars

      40 €

      Livraison par le vendeur en Vienne, France

      40 €

      Livraison par le vendeur à Poitiers

      40 €

      Livraison par le vendeur à Chinon

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      Livraison Douai la Fontaine

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      Livraison par le vendeur à Saumur

      40 €

      Livraison Montreuil Bellay

      40 €

      Livraison moins de 200 km

      60 €

      Transporteur France

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      Transporteur Europe

      300 €

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