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Grande académie (119 X 88 cm) by victor alphonse Van Beylen, undated but signed and probably from the 1930s -

Full-length portrait which must have been produced in South Africa where he resided and exhibited for a long time - little has happened to him on his journey: born in 1897 in Antwerp in Belgium, he studied in the academies of Bruges and Antwerp, resided in London and in south africa - he excels especially in the portraits genre scenes and still life -


In this case for this canvas, I would say that he paints as he draws, the eye is fascinated, focused on the contrast between the velvety muscles of the model and the apparent casualness of it - the hairless background, the tones deaf and warm mates of sienna, ocher - a living aporia this canvas -

Côte Bénézit, last auction London 1989 -


Very good condition - Sold as is, see photos to view.

Portrait Van Beylen 119 x 88cm

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